Monitor the Results

Every Monday mid-day I will update the results for the year on the bottom of this page. The results will also be updated with paper and pen, with a picture on my twitter account so everyone can keep track of the weekly changes. The results from the MNF game will always be included in the following week.

When a handicapper makes their simple tweet with their pick, it must contain five simple things in three lines. Line 1 must say "For @grpwins documentation". Of course the @grpwins notifies me of the tweet, and the word "For" must be before the (@grpwins) so it's a public tweet that everyone can see. Line 2 will be Team, spread, Units. Example, (LA Rams -4 3U). Line 3 will be the two sportsbooks that had the point spread, like (Circa and Wynn).

The earliest someone can make their picks during the week is the Tuesday before the game, any time after 9am P.T./12 noon E.T.

After each weekend every handicapper must send me a DM with their results for the weekend so I can check it against my numbers. Preferably Sunday Night and the latest Monday morning. I will then confirm every ones results vs my data and tweet out a picture of the new results mid-day Monday

If someone's record in 5 Unit picks is 2-0 and their record in 3 Units picks is 2-4 it will be displayed just like this: +2.8 Units 2-0 2-4. Notice how I account for the 10% Juice.

My simple pen and notepad picture tweets are great because now there will be a permanent record of each weekly change. I'm not afraid of accurate documentation showing my winning and losing handicappers.

Below are the final results after the SuperBowl. Only 3 out of 15 handicappers survived to the end.

Miw663 +64.6 Units 30-14 116-108. Mainframenfl -21.0 Units 0-0 26-30. Fudwvu -27.8 Units 43-37 76-81.

Congratualtions to Miw663 for coming in first place. I've had many DM conversations with Mainframenfl and Fudwvu and I'm sure they'll do better in 2022.