Monitor the Results

This is where I'll update the results of every handicapper after each weekend during the 2021 football season. All the handicappers have to do is have enough integrity to tweet their picks at or before kickoff, and then my thousands of followers will follow them.

In 2021 I'll be keeping track of the results in a much simpler way, so I can easily keep track of dozens of handicappers with less work than 2020. Everyone will now get to choose between 3 and 5 Units for each pick instead of all picks being One Unit. After analyzing over a decade of data I realized some Picks I like and some Picks I Love. You'll get the details in August.

If someone's record in 5 Unit picks is 3-1 and their record in 3 Units picks is 4-3, it will be displayed like this in Units. Notice I account for the -10% Juice.

grpwins +11.6 3-1 4-3.