Monitor the Results

This is where I'll update the results of every handicapper after each weekend by Wednesday 9am PT.

When a handicapper makes their simple tweet with their pick, it must contain five simple things in three lines. Line 1 will be (For @grpwins documentation) so I'm notified of the tweet. Line 2 will be Team, spread, Units. Example, (Dallas +6.5 3U). Line 3 will the two sportsbooks that had the point spread, like (Circa and Wynn).

By Tuesday at 9am PT, each handicapper must have tweeted out their results for the weekend and their updated results for the year. I and all my thousands of followers will get 24 hours to confirm the results on the tweet. I will then update this page by Wednesday morning with each handicappers record based on Units from best to worst.

The earliest a College Football Handicapper can tweet their first pick of this season is Tuesday August 24. The earliest a NFL handicapper can tweet their first pick of the season is Tuesday September 7.

If someone's record in 5 Unit picks is 3-1 and their record in 3 Units picks is 4-3, it will be displayed like this in Units.

grpwins +11.6, 3-1, 4-3. Notice I account for the 10% juice.

These are my customers so far and you should follow them ASAP: @murgesjohn, @mainframenfl, Miw663, fudwvu.