Monitor the Results

Anyone can join the grpwins group. All the person has to do is send out this tweet: "This football season I've decided to have my picks documented by joining the @grpwins group". I'll now see your tweet and I'll R/T it and you'll be instantly respected in this industry and get hundreds of followers.

All members of the group will know all other members of the group and follow each others tweets. Plus the random public will be watching the tweets to confirm the results.

When a handicapper makes their simple tweet with their pick, it must contain four simple things in three lines. Line 1 must say "For grpwins group". When tweeting this you do not have to put "@" before grpwins because I don't want to be alerted with each tweet and everyone will see your tweet. Line 2 will be Team and spread. Example, LA Rams +2.5. (you no longer need 3 or 5 Units because all games are now a simple 1 Unit) Line 3 will be the two sportsbooks that had the point spread, like (Circa and Wynn).

The earliest someone can make their picks during the week is the Tuesday before the game, any time after 9am P.T./12 noon E.T. Of course the latest is at kickoff.

After each day the handicappers should update their record for the season. The handicappers that are winning will promote each other with tweets. If the handicappers that are losing start lying about their record, the tweets will be the Boss and they'll be kicked out of the group.

If a handicappers record is 9-5 it should be shown like this +3.5 Units 9-5. Notice how the 10% Juice is accounted for.