The monthly cost in 2022 will be the same $95. At the start of the year everyone gets a choice of a discount. Either only $45 for the month of September, or only $95 for September and October, or just $295 for the entire season.

The month of September consist of four full weeks of CFB plus the last week in August. In the NFL it consists of three full weeks from Thursday Sep 8 to Sunday Sep 25.

After I receive the money just tweet the following sentence and you're ready to start tweeting picks. The sentence is; "This football season I will have my picks documented by @grpwins". I will then RT your tweet and you'll be instantly respected in this industry and my thousands of followers will start following you.

I don't deal with companies like paypal because of CXL payments. You either mail me a check or I'll except a cash deposit in my checking account at your local PNC Bank. Only PNC Bank accepts cash deposits from anywhere in the country from someone other than the account holder.

Make sure you know this equation: 100 Customers X $100 a week X 20 weeks = $200,000 a year for just selling picks.
If you can pick winners paying $95 a month for documentation and publicity is nothing. This sports gambling Boom is gonna be big with thousands of people looking to pay for winning picks. If you're not interested in selling picks, you could use a documented handicapping skill to get a good job in the industry.