Weekly Cost Before Discount:

  • $200 30 minutes before kickoff.
  • $400 one hour before kickoff.
  • $700 90 minutes before kickoff.
  • $1000 two hours before kickoff.

For my high end sports book customers: $2,000 on Saturday morning, $3,000 on Friday, $4,000 on Thursday, $5,000 on Wednesday.

Notice the correlation between when you receive the picks and cost. Most people will pay to receive the picks 30 minutes before kickoff. If you want the picks early, I charge extra because you might work for a sportsbook. I didn’t come down on the last raindrop!

If you pay for three weeks upfront, you’ll get four weeks of at least one pick. If you have two friends to split the cost, you’ll only pay $50 per week to get the picks 30 minutes before kickoff. $600/4 weeks=$150 per week/3 people=$50 per person per week.

If a sports book wants my picks on Wednesday morning, and they're smart enough to take advantage of the discount, it would only cost them $15,000 to get four weeks of picks. Now they'll probably get the point spread winner in the game and be on the right side of the line movement during the week. Just imagine the sports book adjusts their lines by 1/2 point, which might result in a 500K swing on each game. If I have just an average year (30-20) they might make an extra $5,000,000 on these games.

If you have a twitter account with over 20 followers that are sports gambling related, and you tweet the following factual statement about me, you'll get your first week free. The tweet is "I can't believe I found a honest NFL handicapper that tweets his picks at kickoff with no B.S. sign up required. His website and twitter account is GRPWINS". Either contact me by e-mail or Direct Message to confirm the deal and I'll be happy to give you your first week free after I see the tweet.

If I’m playing the Thursday Night game, (4 times a year?) or there’s no picks at all for the weekend, (twice a year?) I’ll disclose that on Thursday morning, so you know when or if to sign up.

Accepted forms of payment are paypal  or a direct wire into my checking account. It’s 100% legal for you to pay me for my opinion on a football game.