In 2021 I'll be handicapping with a improved formula and I'll tweet all my picks for free before kickoff. After my Once in a Century disaster in 2019, no one would pay for the picks anyway. I'll follow the same rules as every other handicapper.

You might say there's a conflict of interest with me being a handicapper on this site, but with me twitter is the boss not me. I really want to find other great handicappers and put pressure on these lying Con Men pick sellers.

I'll monitor and promote other handicappers for free during September and October. Starting in November the cost will only be $95 per month.

The big difference between this year and last, is that now the handicappers are basically documenting there own results. I just make some simple rules and provide a website to confirm the results. It will be a lot easier for me now, that's why there's two free months instead of one.

Make sure you know this equation: 100 Customers X $100 a week X 20 weeks = $200,000 a year for just selling picks.
Paying $95 a month for publicity is nothing. This sports gambling Boom is gonna be big with thousands of people looking to pay for winning picks. If you're not interested in selling picks, you could use a documented handicapping skill to get a good job in the industry.

Of course contact me by Direct Message before you sign up for the Freeroll. All that's required is this EXACT tweet from you to sign up: "This football season I've decided to have my point spread results documented by @grpwins." I will then R/T your tweet and your twitter name will be listed on the bottom of the "Monitor the Results" page. You'll now be instantly respected in this industry and my thousands of followers will start following you!