Once you've decided to take advantage of this service, contact me by D.M. so we can confirm the deal. You'll then send out this simple tweet; "I've decided to tweet my picks at or before kickoff and George Panagakis @grpwins will document my results". After you've tweeted that simple statement, I'll retweet it and You'll be instantly respected in this dishonest industry. And most of my 2700 followers will follow you.

Plan #1 $20 per week or $60 for four weeks: You're a good handicapper but no one knows who you are, so you need me for publicity and integrity to document your results. The public knows with me a handicapper can't just delete losing tweets. Anytime after 8am PT on Monday just tweet your picks and then I'll retweet it. If after several weeks you have a winning record, you decide when you're ready for plan #2.

Plan #2 $40 per week: You already have some customers and you probably have a website, or you're about to get some customers from Plan #1. Now you need to hide your picks until kickoff. Your tweet during the week might look something like this "Tuesday 2pm and I just gave my customers either Min -3 or GB +3.5". You'll now send me a DM with the exact team you picked so I have proof. At kickoff you must send out a tweet to the world with your pick something like this " Following up on my Tuesday pick I gave my customers Min -3". I will now RT your tweet at kickoff so my followers know who you picked. There's one extra tweet for each of us.

Notice the pricing advantage for the handicappers. I only charge by the week because I don't expect people to send in a check for hundreds of dollars upfront. The risk/reward of paying a small amount of money to have your picks documented and seen by my thousands of followers is way better than being another no body tweeting picks that no one cares about. If you get 200 customers and charge $95 a week that's over $300,000 a year! There are thousands of people and several TV shows looking for winning handicappers.