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SPECIAL REPORTS; This is where I analyze a subject in great detail to help the average sports bettor. Make sure you know the Sports Gambling Media (SGM) is in on the CON. The SGM promotes sports gambling and they will never tell the truth about parlays, Teasers or buying 1/2 point. To prove my point, VSIN is owned by DraftKings and their studios are in Circa and South Point. And now they're taking ads from Docsports on the front page of their website, I can't make this up!


I specialize in the NFL and I have a secret formula that I use to pick my games. Obviously I always want to get the best Number. I've already picked six games this week and now I'll give you a peek into how I make my Line decisions.

Make sure you know when someone says "I bet Numbers not teams" they are Dummies! There is nothing more important than what team you bet on. Only 15% of the time will it matter what number you got.

My first two picks yesterday morning were Tenn +2.5 and Atlanta +2.0. Atlanta had already moved from 2.5 to 2.0 and I saw some 1.5 so I jumped on the 2.0. I still can't believe LVR are laying 2.5 at Tenn and when I saw a 2.0 I jumped on the 2.5 because I know 3.0 will not happen.

I then picked NYG -2.5 and WASH +7.0. I have no idea if NYG will go to 2.0 or 3.0 but I know I would hate to see 3.0 so I moved. Philly looked great on MNF so I was watching the Line moving up and once I saw 7.0 I took it because I know 7.5 will not happen. The line is now 6.5.

Most of the day yesterday the Bears were -2.5 -120 so I knew 3.0 was very possible even though Houston is the correct side of the game. Once I saw 3.0 yesterday afternoon I jumped.

This morning I took Cincy -4.5 with half the Books having 5.0. I just wanted to get it over with for this article.

I have one more pick coming INDY +6.5/7.0. If I ever see 7.0 I'll pick it, but I may have to wait until Sunday right before kickoff after the public bets. Last Sunday Spanky tweeted, if you're making your bets Sunday morning right before kickoff you should light your money on fire. He was 100% wrong because most of the public money comes in on Sunday morning. I'm predicting I'll see 7.0 then so I'll wait and see.

I hope you enjoyed learning how a PRO gets the best number.