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About one year ago ND was at Michigan, and the Line opened Michigan -4 but closed at Pick. Michigan won big and easily Covered the spread. During the week Chalk Charlie bet Mich -3 and Dog Doug bet ND +3.

Who made the smarter bet?

This is a very easy question!

Obviously Charlie was the smarter sports bettor because he had Michigan which easily Covered the -3.

When someone bets a game their only goal is to pick the team that will Cover the Spread, it doesn't matter what the line does after they bet. The fact that the Line kept going down after Doug bet just means that there were a lot more gamblers that were also wrong, it doesn't mean he was smart for beating the closing line!

Now some dummies will say "well if you just beat the Closing Line every game you'll be a net winner". That hypothetical statement is actually true but meaningless. Here's another one, If you just pick the team that wins the turnover battle you'll also be a Net winner. Another true statement that means nothing when a bet is placed.

In sports betting the only goal is to pick the team that will Cover the spread, the goal is not to predict what the spread will do after you bet. Closing Line Value is overrated, cashing a winning ticket means everything!