This website and business is a one man operation owned by George "Riley" Panagakis. If this was a normal industry I'd  just have a phone number here, but then I'd be getting calls from Scumbag salesman that work for sports services calling just to waste my time.

The best way to contact me is by Direct Message. I don't check my e-mail. If you want to talk by phone, send me your number and I'll call at a time that's best for you. I'll call you on a pre-paid phone to protect myself. There's absolutely no chance that I'll sell your number to one of the scumbags, but if you're worried about that just get a pre-paid phone yourself.

SPECIAL REPORTS; This is where I analyze a subject in great detail to help the average sports bettor. I'm not controlled
by any sportsbook and I'm not In On The Con, that's why I'm almost never invited on any sports gambling show. The sports gambling media is afraid of me because if they had me on then every time they had on a Lying Con Man handicapper they'd have to ask him, "why don't you tweet your picks at kickoff'?

BOOM & BUST; Backgammon, Poker and Sports Gambling.

Backgammon has been around for centuries and it became more popular in the 1920's when someone in North America invented the Doubling Cube. In the 1970's it was the 'Cool' game to play with Hugh Hefner playing it in his Playboy Clubs and Lucille Ball loved to play it with her Hollywood friends. It had a good ten year run then peaked and faded in the 80's. In the 90's computer programs were designed and now the good players are just too good and the game is almost Solved. Some major cities have one backgammon club and for about $20 you can enter into a tournament. The good players are too good and there's no new Suckers in the game, so it's a dead game for making money.

On Wednesday April 2, 2003 the POKER world changed when the Travel Channel aired the final table of the World Poker Tour. One month later it was the highest rated show on the Travel Channel so ESPN decided to film the WSOP Main Event final table one month later. The tournament was won by a amateur Chris Moneymaker who won his seat into the tournament by playing in a satellite on Poker Stars for about $50. Now the Boom was on with TV and the internet!

During the next several years all ESPN aired during the day was Final Table reruns of WSOP events. There was no Steven A Smith yelling at the TV. They created thousands of poker playing Bumbs because it looks easy on TV. The attendance at the WSOP exploded and guess what was the most common profession of the players in The Main Event, of course Con Men Mortgage Brokers.

Poker tournaments are just used for marketing and to get people in the door by showing the winning players. In the small tournaments the House rakes like 20% and in the big tournaments the concept of winning against thousands of players is a variance fantasy.

Poker is now a mature industry. The only way to make money is you must always be going to the newest town that legalizes poker. On July 1, 2010 Florida changed the law so it allowed poker games with no Cap on the maximum bet allowed. It was a Boom Town for several years. California is now the worst place to play with the highest rake and the best players. Texas is now the best place to play with good Pot Limit Omaha games.

Poker is now 95% unbeatable and the WSOP in June is like a reunion and a lottery where the better players already have two or three of the numbers. They just improve their chances of getting lucky and having a 6 figure cash.

In May of 2018 the Supreme Court made a ruling that basically put an end to Nevada having an exclusive Monopoly on legalized sports betting. So then NJ gets sports gambling, then the state next to them gets it, and it just keeps expanding around the country.

There is now even a sports gambling media (SGM) in this country. ESPN has Daily Wager and VSIN has it's own radio channel. But notice what SGM will never do, give the gamblers information that will help them but hurt the sportsbooks that control their shows. They will never tell their listeners the truth about parlays, buying half point, or Teasers. The SGM is in on the CON! Vsin is owned by Draft Kings and their studios are in Circa and South Point. VSIN will never interview a handicapper who tweets their picks at kickoff because they're not in on the CON!

There's a secret world in this country of a few hundred sports bettors that win 55% or better long term. They will benefit from this Boom with more places to place a bet. There is also another world of Lying Con Men trying to sell their picks. I'm doing my best to attack the liars and find the good guys.

I document and promote handicappers in the best way possible. I just make some simple rules and use twitter to document the picks. GENIUS! For this I'm one of the most attacked people on twitter and Vegas knows I'm not in on the Con.

During the next several years 95% of the new sports bettors will lose long term. This industry has a couple more years of giving out new player bonuses and it should Peak in about 5 years. In 2030 sports gambling volume should start a decline.