This website and business is a one man operation owned by George "Riley" Panagakis. If this was a normal industry I'd  just have a phone number here, but then I'd be getting calls from Scumbag salesman that work for sports services trying to sell their picks. The salesman would intentionally pass my number around and people would call just to waste my time.

The best way to contact me is by Direct Message and the second best is by e-mail. If you want to talk by phone send me your number and I'll call at a time that's best for you. I'll call you on a pre-paid phone to protect myself. There's absolutely no chance that I'll sell your number to one of the scumbags, but if you're worried about that just get a pre-paid phone yourself.

How Many People Win;

62.5% is the highest win rate possible for straight -110 bets. A great handicapper 50% of his bets are obvious winners, 25% are obvious losers and 25% are determined by One Play luck. He will win half of his luck bets so add 12.5% to 50% and that's how the 62.5% number is achieved.

There's now close to 2 Million sports bettors and here's how many winners I think there are and will be after 1,000 straight bets: 62% 5, 61% 10, 60% 20, 59% 40, 58% 80, 57% 160, 56% 320, 55% 640, 54% 1280, 53% 2560.

That means I think there's about 50 people out of 2M that can go 600-400 after 1,000 football bets. It's extremely difficult to do and I stand by that estimate. According to my numbers there's 315 people that can go 570-430 or better. 572-428 would be a 10% advantage after the Juice so I'm going with about 350 sports gamblers are at a 10% advantage when they bet. This is why some players are banned from the sports book. But banning is a completely different subject .

My goal is that smart handicappers respect what I'm doing and I'll be able to find many of these good handicappers. I also want to put many of these Lying Scumbag Pick Sellers out of business! Remember if they won't tweet their picks before or at kickoff, don't waste your time with them!