This website and business is a one man operation owned by George "Riley" Panagakis. If this was a normal industry I'd  just have a phone number here, but then I'd be getting calls from Scumbag salesman that work for sports services trying to sell their picks. The salesman would intentionally pass my number around and people would call just to waste my time.

The best way to contact me is by Direct Message and the second best is by e-mail. If you want to talk by phone send me your number and I'll call at a time that's best for you. I'll call you on a pre-paid phone to protect myself. There's absolutely no chance that I'll sell your number to one of the scumbags, but if you're worried about that just get a pre-paid phone yourself.

Buying 1/2 Point and Teasers;

If the sports book is offering something its an advantage to the House. Regarding buying 1/2 point, they've looked back at hundreds of games where the spread is 3 or 7 and they know exactly how many times the game falls on that number. Whatever price they're selling the 1/2 point for is a bad deal for the customer.

Regarding Teasers, it's called a Teaser because it teases you into thinking it's a good bet but of course 98% it's not. Each week and every month the House keeps track of how much they won or lost on Teasers. Most people know the strategy. If there's a home team in the NFL favored by 7.0 to 8.5 Teasing the game down by 6 points gives the customer a slight advantage. The key numbers are 3,4,6,7. All other Teasers are a disadvatage to the player and using Teasers in Totals is the biggest Sucker bet of all.

The House will continue offering Teasers with all these new Suckers coming into this sports gambling Boom. Once the public only uses Teasers if they're at an advantage, the Teasers wont be offered anymore.