This website and business is a one man operation owned by George "Riley" Panagakis. If this was a normal industry I'd  just have a phone number here, but then I'd be getting calls from Scumbag salesman that work for sports services trying to sell their picks.

The best way to contact me is by Direct Message and the second best is by e-mail. If you want to talk by phone send me your number and I'll call at a time that's best for you. I'll call you on a pre-paid phone to protect myself. There's absolutely no chance that I'll sell your number to one of the scumbags, but if you're worried about that just get a pre-paid phone yourself.


Number 1, don't believe those crazy winning percentages that the Touts advertise, 62.5% is the highest winning percentage mathematically possible. For a good handicapper 50% of his Picks will be winners, 25% will be Losers and 25% will be One play Luck. Now take half of the 25% Luck and add it to the 50% out right winners and that's how 62.5% is the correct number.

Here's how many people I think win at each percentage. 62% 5, 61% 10, 60% 20, 59% 40, 58% 80, 57% 160, 56% 320, 55% 640, 54% 1280.

Do you know how hard it is to go 600-400 after 1,000 straight bets? According to my Logic there's only about 50 people that average 60%. (Start with the 20 at 60% then look at the 10 at 61% and 5 at 62%, so throw in about 15 more at 59%).

So how many people do I think can average 55%? There's 640 people at 55% and there's 635 people from 56% to 62% which bring the average up. There's 1,280 people at 54%. So if you take 640 X 3 you get 1.920, but I know the higher percentages make it higher, so 2,000 is probably a very good estimate of how many people win at 55% Long Term.

So out of 2,000,000 sports bettors I think 2,000 are solid 55% winners. I wonder how many of them will get Barred from some sportsbooks.

On Sunday Night I'll Post some Super Bowl Props here.