This website and business is a one man operation owned by George "Riley" Panagakis. If this was a normal industry I'd  just have a phone number here, but then I'd be getting calls from Scumbag salesman that work for sports services calling just to waste my time.

The best way to contact me is by Direct Message. I don't check my e-mail. If you want to talk by phone, send me your number and I'll call at a time that's best for you. I'll call you on a pre-paid phone to protect myself. There's absolutely no chance that I'll sell your number to one of the scumbags, but if you're worried about that just get a pre-paid phone yourself.

SPECIAL REPORTS; This is where I analyze a subject in great detail to help the average sports bettor.


Sports gambling is about three things: 65% being on the right side of a bet, 25% having more than one place to bet so you get the best number, 10% money management (MM).

Luckily M.M. is very simple. First determine what is your bankroll for the season. Your bankroll is the most amount of money you can afford to lose without it effecting your lifestyle. If you make 100K a year and have 50K in the bank, would you be willing to risk 10K? There's no easy answer, this is a personal decision.

Now most handicappers have bets they like and bets they Love. Risking 3% of your bankroll on bets you like and 5% of your bankroll on bets you Love is about average. So on a average Saturday and Sunday, a handicapper might have two 3% picks and one 5% pick each day. So the handicapper is risking about 11% of their bankroll on each day.

If the handicapper loses all of his bankroll, he must stop for the year and make improvements for next year. It's that simple.