Welcome to the most feared and respected website in sports handicapping. I'm respected because of the simple way that I use twitter to document and promote honest handicappers. I'm feared by all the Lying Con Men Pick Sellers because they know I'm gonna put them out of business!

I've been a winning NFL handicapper for about 30 years. After the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 I knew there was gonna be a sports gambling Boom. I decided to promote myself by tweeting all my picks at kickoff. I had a good year in 2018, but 2019 was the worst year in my career. Interestingly, I'm getting a lot of respect for admitting to a bad year.

I took a year off from handicapping in 2020 and improved my formula. I also started monitoring and promoting other honest handicappers that tweeted their picks at kickoff. After one month I stopped for business and personal reasons.

In 2021 I'll be handicapping again with a updated formula. I'll also be monitoring and promoting other honest handicappers in a much simpler way. Now I'll be able to keep track of dozens of handicappers with a lot less work.

There's about a dozen places where handicappers say their picks are documented by a "sports service monitor", but 95% of them are a Scam just like the sports services themselves. If a handicapper won't just tweet their picks for everyone to see, don't believe a thing they say.

Some handicappers say they don't want to tweet their picks at kickoff because of Live betting, but that's a weak excuse. There are four major problems with Live betting: the access is limited, the betting limits are lower, the juice might be higher and the House might delay the bet to their advantage. The money that can be made from tweeting winning picks at kickoff is 100X greater than the money that will be lost from a few people getting free picks after kickoff.

Scroll down for more details and the links will give you even more important information.

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These basic rules will be in place in 2021.

So I don't waste time with Bots, each handicapper will have to have their picture and their name, or a website name on their twitter account.

We all have picks we like and picks we Love, so each pick will be counted as 3 Units or 5 Units. This is perfect because it's like 3% or 5%, or $300 or $500 of a hypothetical 10K bankroll. At no time during the year can a handicapper have picked more 5 Unit picks than 3 Unit picks. This is so a handicapper can't Shoot a Angle by just making more 5 Unit picks!

I only handicap NFL sides, but I'll document your results in the NFL and CFB Sides and Totals. There will be no buying 1/2 point or money line picks because I'm not keeping track of when someone loses more than -110 on a game. And obviously I'm not keeping track of Live Bets, Teasers, parlays, halftime picks or Props.    

You can make your picks anytime after Tuesday 9am PT until kickoff. The spreads you use must be available in at least TWO of these nine major Sports Books: Caesars, Coast, Circa, MGM, South Point, Stations, Westgate, William Hill, Wynn. Notice the two DFS companies and the Golden Nugget and Treasure Island aren't included because too often their Lines are a aberation! My line source is vegasinsider.com