I’ve been a successful NFL handicapper for over a decade, but I won't be handicapping in the future because 2019 was a Once in a Century disaster with a 27-39 record. All I have now is my honest reputation and my thousands of followers, so I'll use them to my advantage in the future.

Around August 15 this web site will completely change and I'll start monitoring and promoting honest handicappers in a way that has never been done before. The public and the honest handicappers will love it, but the old Con Men Pick Sellers will hate it because I'm gonna put them out of business! Until then continue following my tweets.

Most of my tweets will be sports gambling related and some will involve politics. Some of my tweets will give the public exact data telling them when to not make a bet. Many people in the sports gambling media will never tell you not to make a bet, because they're "in bed" with the advertisers of their shows.

Special Reports you've seen in the past and you'll see again in the future: Odd Numbers, The Three Tells, 62.5%, Wall Street Words, How Many People Win, Free Picks, Slang Words, VD, Parlay Paradox, Sports Service Monitors, Teasers, Banning Winning Players, One Unit and Money Management, Live Betting, Closing Line Value, playoff point spreads, Who's in on the Con.

P.S. The second page of this website Monitor the Results, has a summary of each weekends results during the last two years. Now you can pick any weekend at random and compare it against my permanent tweets to confirm my record. (yes my 0-7 weekend on Dec 8 is there!)

I've been heard on: VSIN and Vegas Scoreboard Express

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The highest win rate possible is 62.5%. A great handicapper will clearly be right on 50% of his picks. 25% of his picks will be obvious losers and 25% will be determined by luck. Now take half of the 25% luck and add it to the 50% easy winners and that's how I get 62.5%.

Here's how many people win at each percentage: 62% 5, 61% 10, 60% 20, 59% 40, 58% 80, 57% 160, 56% 320, 55% 640, 54% 1280. According to my numbers there's about 55 people that win at a average 60% rate. After 1,000 straight bets do you know how hard it is to go 600-400? My 55 estimate is about right.

If someone can win 57.2% they're at a 10% advantage and I'm estimating there's about 350 people that are at a 10% advantage when they bet. 

If someone can win 54.8% they're at a 5% advantage and I'm estimating there's about 3,000 people that are at a 5% advantage when they bet. 

Now you know why some people are banned and they have betting limits in sports gambling, because the Books are afraid of a few hundred winning gamblers. 

In about a week this website will have big changes and I plan on promoting some of these winning handicappers! The only catch is they can't be lying Con Men, they have to tweet their picks at kickoff! You'll get the details in about a week.