This website is owned by the most respected and feared person in the sports gambling industry, George "Riley" Panagakis.

All I do is document the results of honest handicappers that tweet their picks by kickoff. I just make some simple rules based on reality, and then I let the tweet be the Boss for documentation. Now there's no way I or any of the handicappers can be in on a scam!

The lying Con Men pick sellers hate me because they'll never tweet their picks by kickoff. The sportsbooks hate me because I give the public valuable information so they are not complete Suckers. And even the sports gambling media hates me because I call them what they are, stooges, who are under the control of the sportsbooks that own/advertise on their shows.

95% of sports gamblers lose, 4% break out even and 1% are long term winners. If you're one of the winners and you need a place to promote yourself, or you're just looking for a good handicapper, this is the spot.

There are a few other places that say they document the results of handicappers, but of course most of them are a scam. If you need a password or the handicappers won't tweet their picks by kickoff for everyone to see, don't believe a thing they say. I just make some simple rules and show the results of all the honest handicappers in one location.

Some handicappers say they don't want to tweet their picks at kickoff because of Live betting, but that's a weak excuse. There are four major problems with Live betting: the access is limited, the betting limits are lower, the juice might be higher and the House might delay the bet to their advantage. The money that can be made from tweeting winning picks at kickoff is 100X greater than the money that will be lost from a few people getting free picks after kickoff.

The links will give you more information and there's even more important information below the links.

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These basic rules will be in place in 2022.

One major change, you no longer have to prove your identity with a picture or real name in your twitter account. This is so people that work at sportsbooks, or people in the corporate world can enter without fear.

The maximum number of picks allowed in a week is 20, and the maximum number of times you can middle a game during a week is 2.

We all have picks we like and picks we Love, so each pick will be counted as 3 Units or 5 Units. This is perfect because it's like 3% or 5%, or $300 or $500 of a hypothetical 10K bankroll. At no time during the year can a handicapper have picked more 5 Unit picks than 3 Unit picks. This is so a handicapper can't Shoot a Angle by just making more 5 Unit picks!

I'll document your results in the NFL and CFB Sides and Totals. There will be no buying 1/2 point or money line picks because I'm not keeping track of when someone loses more than -110 on a game. And obviously I'm not keeping track of Live Bets, Teasers, parlays, halftime picks or Props.    

You can make your picks anytime after Tuesday 9am PT/12 noon ET until kickoff. The spreads you use must be available in at least TWO of these major Sports Books: Caesars, Coast, Circa, MGM, South Point, Pointsbet, Stations, Westgate, William Hill, Wynn. Notice the two DFS companies and the Golden Nugget and Treasure Island aren't included because too often their Lines are a aberation! And regarding small college schools, at least 7 of those Books must Post a spread for the game to be allowed. My line source is vegasinsider.com