This website is owned by the most feared and respected person in the sports gambling industry, George "Riley" Panagakis.

Last season you saw me document the results of 18 honest handicappers with the simple use of twitter. I will not have the time this season to do the same, so I'm going to start a group of honest handicappers that document themselves at NO COST!

There is a secret world in this country of roughly 250 sports bettors that are long term winners. If you're in this group and you need a way to document and promote your skill, joining the grpwins group is a smart decision.

Similar to last season, all I'm going to do is make a few simple rules based on reality for the handicappers to follow. All the people that are tweeting their picks to there own followers are just wasting their time. The good/honest handicappers need national publicity and real documentation.

The links will give you more information and the basic rules are below the links.

GRP Wins, Inc

Monitor The Results




These basic rules will be in place in 2022.

To prevent Trolls, on your twitter account you must have one of three things: a real name, a picture of yourself, or a business name like a website.

The maximum number of picks allowed in a week is 20, and the maximum number of times you can middle a game during a week is 2.

Each pick will be counted as 1 Unit. Yes we might have picks we like and picks we Love, but I've realized it's almost impossible to know which picks will win 55% and which will win 60 %. Just be happy if you pick a winner! /p>

Only NFL and CFB Sides and Totals will be documented. There will be no buying 1/2 point or money line picks because it's too hard to know when someone loses more than -110 on a game. And obviously Live Bets, Teasers, parlays, halftime picks or Props will not be documented.    

You can make your picks anytime after Monday at 12 noon PT until kickoff. This gives the Lines Sunday Night and Monday morning to settle. The spreads you use must be available in at least TWO of these major Sports Books: Caesars, Coast, Circa, MGM, South Point, Pointsbet, Stations, Westgate, William Hill, Wynn. Notice the two DFS companies and the Golden Nugget and Treasure Island aren't included because too often their Lines are a aberration! And regarding small college schools, at least 7 of those Books must Post a spread for the game to be allowed. My line source is vegasinsider.com