This website is owned by the most respected person in the sports gambling industry, George "Riley" Panagakis.

Since 2018 thousands of people have watched me use twitter to promote my NFL picks and document other honest handicappers. I've now realized it's much easier to exploit the new PROP market, so I will no longer be picking games in the future.

A great handicapper can win at 55% long term. That's like 55-45 during a football season, +5.5 units. Guess what, the public is so dumb, they don't care.

Regarding documenting other handicappers, last year over 90% ended up losing and very few returned. Now people want to be documented by Betstamp, so they can live in Fantasyland and always have a good number or bet any fake dollar amount they want.

Luckily for me there is a new Prop market which has some big HOLES in it. Go to the page Monitor the Results, to see some of my Prop results. The problem is the Prop market is very small, meaning if I bet just 1K on a Prop the sportsbook will move the Line.

Look at this sad industry now, the sports gambling media won't even give the people what they want, the best Odds from different sportsbooks. They won't because they're under control of the sportsbooks that own them!

The only purpose of the sports gambling media is to promote sports gambling. They'll never tell the truth about the cost of Parlays, buying 1/2 point or Teasers.

It doesn't matter what I do, the public must get slaughtered and everyone is a money grabbing whore.

I'll still be around with twitter to help the average sports bettor. Plus you all know I hate the Lying Con Men Pick Sellers!

Good luck to everyone and maybe one day we'll meet in Las Vegas.

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