I’ve been a successful NFL handicapper for over a decade, but I won't be handicapping in the future because 2019 was a Once in a Century disaster. All I have now is my honest reputation and my thousands of followers, so I'll use them to my advantage in the future.

In August I'll start monitoring and promoting honest handicappers in a way that has never been done before. The public and the honest handicappers will love it, but the old Con Men liars will hate it because I'm gonna put them out of business! You'll get all the details in August with a new website. Until then continue following my tweets with it's sports gambling and political comments.

My tweets will help the average sports bettor and some will have great Prop suggestions for the sportsbooks. Sometimes I'll even tell you when not to make a bet. Many people in the sports gambling media will never tell you not to make a bet, because they're "in bed" with the advertisers of their shows.

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P.S. The second page of this website Monitor the Results, has a summary of each weekends results during the last two years. Now you can pick any weekend at random and compare it against my permanent tweets to confirm my record. (yes my 0-7 weekend on Dec 8 is there!)

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Special Reports and Updates:

The Parlay Paradox

Now I'll give you some exact math regarding a standard two team parlay that pays +260. 95% of the gamblers that are break even or worse should not use parlays, but amazingly handicappers that win 55% or more actually win more with parlays, here's the math.

For the average gambler the math is WW 25%, WL 25%, LW 25%, LL 25%. Lets assume a $1,000 bet risking $1,100 on each game. On a straight bet the results are +$2,000, -$100, -$100, -$2,200. On a parlay the results are +$5,720, -$2,200, -$2,200, -$2,200. So the results for the straight bet are -$400 and for the parlay -$880. So it's true the parlay is a sucker bet for most people.

Now we have a pro who wins 55% of the time. Take .55 X .55 and you get 30.25% he'll go 2-0. Now take .45 X .45 and you get 20.25% he'll go 0-2. So we'll round these numbers to 30% and 20% and 50% he'll go 1-1.     

For the straight bettor the results are +$2,000 X 30= +$60,000. -$100 X 50= -$5,000. -$2,200 X 20 = -$44,000. Total +$11,000 for the straight bettor.  

For parlays the math is +$5,720 X 30 = +171,600. -2,200 X 50= -110,000. -$2,200 X20= -44,000. Total +17,600 for the parlay bettor. Amazing for the few winning handicappers parlays win about 50% more money! 

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