I’ve been a successful NFL handicapper for over a decade, but I won't be handicapping in the future because 2019 was a Once in a Century disaster with a 27-39 record. All I have now is my honest reputation and my thousands of followers, so I'll use them to my advantage in the future.

In August I'll start monitoring and promoting honest handicappers in a way that has never been done before. The public and the honest handicappers will love it, but the old Con Men Pick Sellers will hate it because I'm gonna put them out of business! You'll get all the details around August 15 with a new website. Until then continue following my tweets with it's sports gambling and other comments.

Most of my tweets will be sports gambling related and some will involve politics. Some of my tweets will give the public exact data telling them when to not make a bet. Many people in the sports gambling media will never tell you not to make a bet, because they're "in bed" with the advertisers of their shows.

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Banning Winning Players

Yes the casinos can basically ban anyone they want, from betting sports on-line to tell them to leave the property if they think they're counting cards. What Phil Ivey did with "Edge Sorting" is a grey area because he found that the cards where Cut in a way that gave him an advantage. (research it yourself). 

Of course we're interested in sports gamblers getting banned or basically having their limits greatly reduced. When a sports book bans someone they're basically saying we're afraid of you and we're not smart enough to use your bet to help us improve our line.

Imagine you're the sports book and in walks Mr. Pro who's 62-38 his last 100 bets. He likes to bet 10K a game. The dummy decision is to kick him out. The smart decision is to let him bet and then adjust the line based on the respect you have for him and get more bets on the other team so you'll be rooting for Mr. Pro to win.

The other problem is if Mr. Pro is banned in a town with one casino, he'll just have friends and family place the bets for him and now the sports book won't have any information. 

So remember when sports books ban players they're really saying "we're cowards and we're not smart enough to use his bet to improve our line".